Tips to Monetize your YouTube Channel with Adeeshi Solutions

Tips to Monetize your YouTube Channel with Adeeshi Solutions

Today, everyone is looking to make money from YouTube but most of them don't know how to do that. Many people aren't even aware that they can actually make money from YouTube. So, in this blog, we'll cover how you can make money from YouTube channels and what are the steps and strategies you should follow to bring views on the videos and grow subscribers everyday.

How to make money from YouTube?

There are mainly two features that YouTube offers to content creators. These are: Videos and Shorts. By creating video content and YouTube shorts, you can easily make huge money. Adding to that, there are few more ways to add more value to your video content and increase your fan followings & yes revenue as well.

Posting videos and shorts isn't enough unless you are getting views and subscribers on it. And to grow your reach, there are few YouTube marketing strategies to be followed. Probably, you may have expertise in a particular domain in which you are creating content for your channel. But, that does not mean that you can still make huge money by posting videos only. The strategies I am talking about here are the ones followed by Adeeshi Solutions, a YouTube SEO Services agency in India.

What are the minimum requirements for a YouTube channel monetization?

There are few minimum requisites for a YouTube channel to be eligible for monetization. If it is not meeting those minimum requirements then no matter how many videos you post, you won't be eligible for monetization. As of date, following are the minimum requirements criteria, specified by YouTube on their official website:

  1. Live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  2. No active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel
  3. Minimum 4000 public watch hours in past 12 months
  4. Minimum 1000 subscribers
  5. Link your AdSense account

This requirement may change with time, depending on how YouTube operates or decisions made at Google or Alphabet Inc.

Special Note:

Google is the parent company of YouTube. And, Alphabet Inc is the holding company of Google Inc.

How to monetize your YouTube Channel?

To monetize your YouTube channel, you need to make some necessary changes in your YouTube channel as per checklist given below:

[add Instagram post of YouTube checklist]

Post that, each and every video should follow some specific guidelines to reach more users. This includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Video Thumbnail
  • Video Title
  • Description Text
  • Primary Hashtags
  • Searchable Hashtags
  • Category
  • Age Restrictions
  • Captions
  • End Screen
  • Cross-Linking

These are some of the most important factors to be considered and in-place for each video. Once done, then comes into picture the role of SEO. and social media.

By applying some of the off-page SEO practices and social media strategies, you can grow your YouTube channel and will see a spike in subscribers. To boost your YouTube channel effectively, it is advised to hire a professional digital marketing agency that can handle all the aspects of YouTube SEO and social media marketing activities. If you are interested & really looking forward to boosting your growth then Adeeshi Solutions is always there for you.