How to innovate like a startup?

How to innovate like a startup?

Every business enterprise needs to be innovated to compete in this era of high-end technology and digitally operated world. And, to compete with your peers you need to take the first step towards digital transformation. And, Adeeshi Solutions with its result-oriented Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Services makes it happen.

Innovation is not for us

"We've already innovated enough to be in the league and don't need to spend any other penny on it. Our competitors should innovate themselves first and find something better that we don't offer."

Some overachiever prospects or over-funded ventures say such kinds of words. For such overconfidence, I would say that you are gonna lose very soon if you think this way.

No matter what or How strong your business idea is, your business still needs to innovate and innovate like a startup.

What do you mean by "Innovate like a Startup"?

Being a startup is not only about starting up a new venture. It is much more than that.

This is about the mindset where an entrepreneur launches an MVP and waits for its failure until he/she launches next. Once their idea is accepted by a small audience, they add new features, improve it further as an iteration and then test it again.

This process of test and launch keeps going on unless the product becomes stable and sustainable. But, some of them make the biggest mistake at this phase.

What is that mistake, an established startup makes?

They stop innovating, just like you.

So, if you don't want to fail, just innovate and innovate enough so that no one could think of your next move. This is similar to a chess game where you have to checkmate your competition with your next move, every time.

Be Unpredictable

A startup entrepreneur is unpredictable because it is very difficult to identify their next move. Likewise, if you really wish to win every move in your business, don't let others predict you & your next move.

I can do it but I need help.

If you're sure about bringing continuous improvement and growth in your business enterprise then we're always there for you.

You may think of the innovation part and we'll take care of the technology part.

How to innovate with Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Services by Adeeshi Solutions?

With our Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Services, we offer following services:

  • UI/UX Design and Development Service
  • Agile Application Development Service
  • Application Maintenance Service
  • Manual/Automation Testing Service
  • Cloud Deployment Service

Depending on your business needs, we bring a mix of latest technologies with the right mix to take your application to the next level.

Since, we follow an agile approach for application development and maintenance, it makes it easy for you to see the real progress in very less time. It improves your overall turnaround time, reduces overall development costs, and most importantly eases your way to incorporate actual customer requirements fast. This approach of agile application development and maintenance also helps in building a better customer experience and continuously delivering the next generation of applications with the latest design tools and development technologies.

If you are ready to innovate and grow your business, let's connect with our business growth consultants now.

I don't know how to innovate?

Innovation can not be taught in a class. It comes with practice and persistence. If you are ready to accept your failures, you are one step closer to it. It's like executing trial runs & tests until you succeed.

All our famous and not so famous scientists and innovators have done this. Some have succeeded while others failed. They didn't just accept their failure. Even after every failure, they learnt something from it and gave it another try. And, the process kept going on.

Same approach goes for you as well.

So, how would we do it if we don't have a clear picture of that innovative idea?

Well, that's why we call your first product as MVP for a reason. An MVP is meant for the first trial run, to understand how the actual test product will look like. And, most importantly, will the end user accept such a product? If yes, then what exact features would they expect to be in our next release?

This iteration based agile development approach helps overcoming such challenges and reduces the risk of drastic failure.

It has been said very well:

"Fail Fast, Fail Often".

Because, if you are willing to fail fast, you need to be ready to fail often. Because, pilot tests of your MVP will require that. And, if it succeeds then you are in the game to take another big shot.

Let's connect to discuss it further in-person.