How Digital Marketing can uplift the Indian MSMEs?

How Digital Marketing can uplift the Indian MSMEs?

SMEs are the backbone of our Indian economy. Without continuous development and support to our micro, small and medium enterprises; the survival of the economy would be at stake. So, what is that one thing we can bring on the table of these enterprises, apart from the government efforts and initiatives? 

Well in this article, we're going to discuss the role digital marketing can play in the success & growth of our MSMEs. Let's begin. 

Why Indian MSMEs are crucial for economic growth? 

We all know that India is a developing country and for any developing economy, their micro, small & medium enterprises play a very crucial role at every stage.

The volume of exports these industries contribute is almost 50% of the total exports of the nation. For such a huge volume, if the right resources won't be available then it may lead to disaster at some point of time. That's why, Indian government has defined a new scheme of GST for them. This move is really appreciable. A new E-Commerce portal dedicated to them, ease of doing business and other initiatives for innovation add stars to the shining future of MSMEs and economic development. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Indian MSMEs

Every industry and every business in the industry has its own challenges. So, offering a single solution and same digital marketing strategy for all the industries and businesses would be a bad idea. 

So, what should we do and how could we plan for a right digital marketing strategy for diverse nature of businesses and industries? 

Well, here comes the crucial role of a professional digital marketing services agency in Noida. These agencies have experience and expertise in formulating the right mix of SEO services & branding strategies for your business with enhanced customer experience. 

Some of the most useful digital marketing practices that fit to most of the businesses include the following:

  • Website with enhanced user experience
  • Blogging (On-page blogs, guest submissions) 
  • Email Marketing (it still works in export industry) 
  • Social Media and Brand Building
  • Lead Funnel (most important for any business) 

There are so-called experts who say email marketing does not work anymore. But, I would like to contradict here and would say it still does. Maybe, it does not work the same way it used to do before because earlier most of it was done through spamming someone's email inbox. But, spamming is not good for a brand. Instead, you should be genuine even if you are doing some traditional email marketing. 

There are ecommerce platforms today who use email marketing and it really converts when done right. Smart decision making with enhanced customer experience is the need of the hour. Introducing intelligent decision making bots in your website has the capability to improvise service delivery, improve website SEO score and add value to the lead funnel. 


Adeeshi Solutions and Indian MSMEs

To boost the growth of Indian MSMEs, Adeeshi Solutions has capabilities and resources who can develop the right mix of all the digital marketing services. By following white hat SEO techniques, we, the best digital marketing services agency in Noida, can bring you more organic traffic and new prospects by creating a lead funnel for your business through website.